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Santa Needs Our Help

(Santa Wezago, that is)

Not all of us at UU St. Pete know that our Social Justice Group has been looking after two Congolese families who sought asylum here in the U.S. One of these families is Santa Wezago and her four children: Aaliyah, Erisa, Gabriella … read more.

Welcoming Rev. Ben Atherton-Zeman

The Board of Trustees voted unanimously today, July 7th, to hire Rev. Ben Atherton-Zeman as our Interim Minister. Before his move into UU ministry, Rev. Ben had a 30-year career in the feminist movement, working in a number of organizations to prevent sexual and domestic … read more.

Message from the Board President

Tampa Bay Times 7/28/21: “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention changed course
yesterday on some masking guidelines, recommending that even vaccinated people return to
wearing masks indoors in parts of the U.S. where the delta variant of the coronavirus is fueling
infection surges.

Citing new information about the … read more.

UU St. Pete’s Hurricane Policy

Dear Members of UUSP,   

Just what we need after an emotionally challenging 14 months, a possible hurricane heading our way! 

During hurricane season when a threat of severe weather has been announced for Pinellas County, members of our Church are free to seek refuge at the Church. … read more.

Friday Night Picnic

On Friday (June 25), 15 of our guests were vaccinated with the J & J vaccine.

UU’s Helping People provided a $10 cash incentive and will extend the same offer to guests attending the Saturday Morning Breakfast and Sunday evening meal at Praise the Lord Outreach … read more.

Message from FAST on Mental Health Access

FAST – Faith in Action for Strength Together – has been working on improving access to mental health services in Pinellas County. We are pleased to report that the nonprofit mental health community has collaborated to have a single point of access phone number to … read more.

A Message From Our Board

Regarding Opening up our Sanctuary

Temporary Policy for All UUSP In-Person Gatherings (indoor or outdoor) on Church Property
Approved by the UUSP Board of Trustees May 28, 2021

All people over the age of 12 who are fully vaccinated may attend without masks or social distancing, though masks … read more.

Pastor Jack’s Weekly Message (June 4, 2021)

Dear Friends,

I think you’d relish the spirit of the Berkeley Zen Center’s meditation hall.  Enter the airy hall through the garden, place cushions in the communal setting, bow to place, bow to room, sit in peace.  Roshi Mel Weitsman rings the temple bowl, offers brief … read more.