Annual FAST Rally
Faith and Action for Strength Together, Pinellas County

2nd Principle: Justice, equity and compassion in human relations.*

We’re committed to serving our community, based on the living tradition of our Unitarian Universalist principles. 

We find deep meaning in our many projects, and encourage your involvement. All are welcome! Take a look at our current projects for one you’d like to participate in. If there’s a new project you’re interested in shepherding into existence, please check out our process for making that happen.

We have deep gratitude to the members of our congregation for their tireless support of money, in-kind donations, and countless volunteer hours. Together we do make a difference!

*Reflection on the Second Principle

“Justice, equity, and compassion in human relations points us toward something beyond inherent worth and dignity. It points us to the larger community. It gets at collective responsibility. It reminds us that treating people as human beings is not simply something we do one-on-one, but something that has systemic implications and can inform our entire cultural way of being.”

—Rev. Emily Gage, Unity Temple, Chicago, IL