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Update from Coalition for Immokalee Workers (CIW):

Over 100 farmworkers, religious leaders, students and Southwest Florida allies come together at a vigil to call for justice for farmworker, Nicolas Morales, killed last September by Collier County Sheriff’s deputies.  The vigil, which occurred on February 28th, marked the beginning of an urgent campaign … read more.

Pastor Jack’s Weekly Message (February 12, 2021)

Dear UUSP community,

We are mid-week in greatly significant Congressional discussions. Many listen for every word; many prefer a media-digested version; many avoid the news like the plague. I’m mainly in the middle, fearing over-exposure and complete avoidance. But I’m grateful to the full-exposure people for identifying … read more.

UUSP South Food Bridge

WANTED: Non perishable ready- to- eat high protein snacks/meals. Not high sugar. Pull top cans easy to open (ideal).
Tuna, cheese, peanut butter & jam cracker combos, protein bars or cereals, fruit cup, Vienna sausage, sardines. NEW: Sanitizer & wipes
Please drop off your donations with one of our families … read more.

Pastor Jack’s Weekly Message (January 5, 2021)

Dear UUSP community,

A minister asked the RE children to describe Easter. Children said in unison: “When Jesus came out of the tomb.”   Minister: “Then what?”  Children: “He saw his shadow and went back down for six weeks!” 

Whuups! Groundhog Day, kids – the day I’m writing on, though resurrection is … read more.

Guest at Your Table

The UUSC’s long standing fundraising and educational program is wrapping up this Year’s campaign. During this month you have met our four guests.

Now is the time to collect your donations. Remember that thru your donations our four guests are making a real difference to those … read more.

Pastor Jack’s Weekly (January 29, 2021)

Dear UUSP community,

Thank you for your many caring words in response to my news about a July 1st transition.  I’m so glad I don’t have to say good-bye yet.  And Alisun and I are already anticipating future years of returning for some winter weeks in … read more.

We Are Entering FAST Time

The Pinellas County Commission has backed down from its promise of funds for Affordable Housing for Low Income Families. It has also retarded development of a much needed One-Stop Information Center for dangerous mental health emergencies. It continues giving Pinellas County citizens thousands of life-inhibiting arrest records … read more.

Pastor Jack’s Weekly Message (January 22, 2021)

Dear UUSP Community,

Dateline: Wednesday after the Inauguration. 
Reflection on the Biden-Harris memorial for the 400,000 Americans lost to COVID-19:  How good and right to have leaders with enough vision not to make spectacles of themselves.  Reflection on President Biden’s inauguration speech: How grand to hear … read more.


The UUSC’s long standing fundraising and educational program is taking place at UU St Pete during the month of January 2021. Here are our four guests. 

UUSC’s partner Suja Karimuddin is our fourth “guest”, and he is one of the many Rohingya people forced to leave … read more.