Renewal by Connecting with the Earth

Spring is often seen as a time of renewal as trees and flowers explode with leaves and flowers, wildlife mate and give birth to their young, and the sounds of youth are heard throughout the neighborhood.  It’s also a time of uncertainty for many people.  New graduates entering the workforce or contemplating college, an election … Continue reading Renewal by Connecting with the Earth

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  • Stand up for One Another: Nehemiah Action – Annual Event
    Once a year, all members and friends of UUSP are asked to stand up together in collaboration with FAST (Faith in Action for Strength Together) to demand justice from our elected officials. This is a way to stand with our friends across the county, particularly those who are most impacted by the affordable housing and criminal justice crisis. And all of us affected by climate change.  On Tuesday, April 30 at 7 pm, at the First Baptist Church (1900 Gandy Blvd N, St. Petersburg, FL 33702) Faith & Action for Strength Together (FAST) will hold its annual Nehemiah action. Will you join us for this event in St Pete? Please say YES for justice! We need big numbers of people in attendance for our message to reach those with the decision making power.  Contact Pat Fling or Geneva Nelson for more information!
    After successfully serving as a petition Collection Hub for Floridians Protecting Freedom’s campaign to put abortion on the ballot in Florida’s 2024 election, the Bodily Autonomy Team has worked to grow our network of local organizations to build a stronger community resource here at UUSP. What we’ve been up to… The Bodily Autonomy Team (BAT) has partnered with PPA Pinellas to host a monthly Community Free Store to provide much needed material aid, services, resources, and more to our local unhoused folx. Held in the backyard from 2-4pm every 4th Sunday. Volunteers needed! Thanks to members of the BAT, we now offer a variety of FREE Reproductive Health supplies at UUSP! Including menstrual products, condoms, Plan B, Julie, resources on abortion and gender-affirming care, and more. You can find them in the bathrooms and the front office. Some members of the BAT volunteer as clinic escorts, protecting patients from the many anti-abortion protestors and ...
  • From Our Board President
    Our Beloved Community is in trouble. Unlike the religious institutions that can finance all or some of their operations from enormous endowments, UUSP relies almost completely on pledges of financial support from members and friends. Along with offerings, fundraising and rental income, that’s IT.   Our pledge drive for the upcoming (2024/2025) fiscal year is wrapping up and – despite the monumental efforts of Pat Fling and her pledge team – the preliminary results are disappointing. Pledge totals for the upcoming fiscal year are not even close to the totals for our current year – and as you may know, we’ve been running (gradually declining) deficits for the past several years. We would need to raise another $22,000 in pledges just to match this year’s pledge income! But that is not a growth scenario for the Church. Even if we reached our current year pledge levels, we would need to make some cuts to next year’s ...

Religious Education for Children and Youth at 10:30 am during worship!
​Age-appropriate child care and religious education is provided from Kindergarden to 12th grade.
Nursery care is also available for infants to 5 years old. Questions? Contact the Director at

Visting? There are many ways to reach us:

100 Mirror Lake Drive. North St. Petersburg, FL 33701   (727) 898-3294

Heads up! We are going to be moving to a new website soon! If you would like more information on covenant groups, committees, teams, classes, worship, our Board of Trustees, etc., please email or call the main office. We have been working diligently to assure the new website is easier to navigate and has everything you need to connect with us.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!