Our UUA covenant calls for promoting both the right of conscience and the use of democratic process. If you are for the good, the right and the true, and the majority won’t go there, what will you do?

What We Are Doing

  • Update from Coalition for Immokalee Workers (CIW):
    Over 100 farmworkers, religious leaders, students and Southwest Florida allies come together at a vigil to call for justice for farmworker, Nicolas Morales, killed last September by Collier County Sheriff’s deputies.  The vigil, which occurred on February 28th, marked the beginning of an urgent campaign for justice and long-overdue police reforms necessary to change the way Collier County Sheriff Office (CCSO) deputies serve and protect the farmworker community of Immokalee. Specifically the Immokalee community demands include: Launch a federal investigation into Nicolas’s shooting. Form and implement effective, accessible Crisis Response Teams, pairing police and mental health professionals, to respond to calls in Immokalee where mental health is a potential issue.  Establish an Immokalee-specific Citizens’ Review Panel with meaningful powers and address the need for community participation in the investigation and correction of the use of force by CCSO personnel. 
  • Pastor Jack’s Weekly Message (February 26, 2021)Pastor Jack's Weekly Message (February 26, 2021)
    In our search for truth and meaning, we draw from many sources.  This past Sunday, the 9:15 discussion group pondered what truth and meaning each of us has drawn from the world’s religions.  We have, it seems, gradually grown in understanding and caring from exploring such sources. The 10:00 Wednesday discussion group, examining the history of mid-1800s Universalism and Unitarianism, identified a similar growth process.   Exposed to the world’s religions, both denominations began to see the necessity of helping people grow in understanding and caring even for those we don’t know. As we move into a new presidency and hundreds and thousands of years of division, isn’t this still the challenge – to repair the breach – by weaving it together with understanding and caring.  Appreciate hearing your thoughts,  Pastor Jack
  • Pastor Jack’s Weekly Message (February 12, 2021)Pastor Jack's Weekly Message (February 12, 2021)
    Dear UUSP community, We are mid-week in greatly significant Congressional discussions. Many listen for every word; many prefer a media-digested version; many avoid the news like the plague. I’m mainly in the middle, fearing over-exposure and complete avoidance. But I’m grateful to the full-exposure people for identifying subtleties and to the minimum-exposure people for conserving needed strength.  In the meantime, UUSP has started a year of preparation for a new minister. May you give close attention and clear articulation to what you feel is needed. We’ve done well these past years emphasizing friendship and spiritual growth – empowering many to also serve the larger community. If you continue the work of spiritual growth, I believe you will continue growing as a trusted cherished part of the world. As always with appreciation for you,   Pastor Jack

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