My Muzungu Eyes Are Improving

How do we help effectively across culture?  Drawing from more than a decade of personal experience, guest preacher Liz James tells a story that has it all… Humour, thoughtful analysis, and confrontations with lions.  Not a metaphor.  Real lions.

Liz James is a humourist, … read more.

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  • Social Justice Share the plate SundaySocial Justice Share the plate Sunday
    “This Sunday is Social Justice Share the plate Sunday where ½ of the lose offerings will go to support the operation of this church, and ½ of the plate goes to the Social Justice’s community efforts. This month we are supporting our own community with an appeal for funds to make entry to Conway accessible to all by installing an automatic door opener. Please be generous in helping those marginalized by inaccessibility to have the freedom of movement the rest of us enjoy.”
  • Welcome to an Evening of Wooden Music featuring UU family members Patricia (Trish) Harding & Steve Sanderson
    The event will be in Gilmore Hall, Saturday evening 2/24 at 7:00 pm and will be a “name your own entry fee” type of event benefitting the UU St Pete general Budget. The RockAways, Terry Kearney & Trish Harding, have been playing together for almost 10 years, as a duet and with other musicians. They cover a wide variety of styles, from classic rock to Irish folk music and have written some original songs. They love to put on some vocal harmonies, backed by rhythm guitar, overlaid with iconic lead riffs, and punctuated with harmonica.  Steve Sanderon who will sing some Paul Simon, Leonard Cohen and others of the 60’s, 70’s era.  He will also sing a couple of originals and accompany himself on the guitar. Even though it is a “name your own entry fee” type of event, we would like to know who is planning on coming so we can arrange seating ...
  • The Sacred Depths of Nature
    Announcing the first program in the Thomas Gunn Archibald Lecture Series:Ursula Goodenough, best selling author of The Sacred Depths of Nature Sunday, February 25, 20244:00 pm in the sanctuary, followed by a reception in Gilmour HallDoors open at 3:30 pmTicket on sale after church, $20 in advance or $25 at the door.   Online sales at  Please note – Since this lecture series is sponsored in Tom Archibald’s memory, ALL of the ticket price goes to the church.  The reception is free to all ticket-holders. 

Religious Education for Children and Youth at 10:30 am during worship!
​Age-appropriate child care and religious education is provided from Kindergarden to 12th grade.
Nursery care is also available for infants to 5 years old. Questions? Contact the Director at

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