The peoples of Earth are divided within and between, fiddle-faddling while Earth burns. Are blessed peace and prosperity possible? Does hope depend on a conservative spirit or a progressive one? This week honors cultural diversity and biological diversity. Can we?

What We Are Doing

  • Pastor Jack’s Weekly Message (May 14, 2021)Pastor Jack's Weekly Message (May 14, 2021)
    Dear Friends, Emptiness is not a value UU congregations affirm or promote. Our values in brief are Dignity, Encouragement, Growth, Meaning, Rights, Community, and Relationship – in a phrase, Spiritual Fullness. The pandemic has taught us a lot about Emptiness as a depressing feeling we have good reason to avoid. So why does Buddhism esteem Emptiness? Because Buddhism’s Emptiness invokes, not aching loss, but awareness of the impermanence of mind and body – awareness which, strangely, lessens Fear, Clinging and Misery, and enhances Appreciation, Caring and Wellbeing, which are one in experience with Relationship and Meaning. Though I hope science and policy soon end pandemics forever, I think the practice of recognizing Emptiness would greatly increase our strength and wisdom on our way to Fullness.  See you there,Pastor Jack
  • Social Justice (May 7, 2021)
    Wendy’s Board Recommends that Shareholders Vote FOR Social Responsibility Resolution Patience and determination really do work. UUSP marched with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) here in St Pete in March 2015 — demanding that Wendy’s sign their Fair Food Agreement. We also prepared food and fed 350 out of town marchers breakfast burritos, cereal and fruit. In the interim we have continued advocating to boycott Wendy’s and supported other actions initiated by the CIW. This week Wendy’s finally got the message, and the Board of Directors recommended to their shareholders to vote to approve the social responsibility resolution at the upcoming annual meeting later his month. Once again the CIW is victorious in leading change in big business to support workers. Our thanks to those of you who have demonstrated, made calls, wrote emails and made all of those breakfast burritos. Your actions do make a difference — but sometimes ...
  • Pastor Jack’s Weekly Message (May 7, 2021Pastor Jack's Weekly Message (May 7, 2021
    Dear Friends, It seems possible that we are seeing some light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. Groups are gathering here and there, some with precaution, some not. I myself most appreciate the cautious, and especially their caution for the sake of others. May we continue to pay attention to the science and its experts. May we continue to engage in dialogue about what will be safe and wise ways back to vitality and community. May we commit ourselves to making sure that this time, our restructuring moment works for everybody’s well-being and inclusion.  For many of us, this is a more-or-less spare moment for studying what “restructuring for everybody” means. May we use it well, Pastor Jack
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