You Are Enough

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Black feminist poet June Jordan said, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”  But many voices tell us we are too fat, too thin, too Black, too, too.  What if we are enough, just the way we are?  

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  • Happy New (Fiscal) Year!
    Happy New (Fiscal) Year!UU St Pete started a new fiscal year on July 1. Here is the Board of Trustees and Officers. To come: We are updating a directory of Committee chairs. The Board of Trustees is Rebecca Wilson, Bill Motter, Co-Vice PresidentKaren White, Co-Vice President, Ariana Drew, Ellen Hays, Ell Maldonado, Beth Stombaugh, and Officers Trish Burch, Treasurer Sabine von Aulock, Assistant Treasurer John Motter, Financial Secretary Michael Pohl, Clerk.
  • Share The Plate!
    This week’s share the plate, where a portion of the collection goes to the ministry of UU’s Helping People, will support the Friday Night Sunset Supper. Most recently, we hosted a haircutter, the St. Petersburg Bicycle Co-Op, and the Department of Health, all in one night. Your contribution will help us replace canopies, provide $5 incentives to our guests to get their Flu, COVID-19, and Hepatitis shots, and keep our sanitary and meal staples stocked. Thank you, volunteers and donors! Sabine
  • Transition Team
    Transition Team Hosts Zoom Talkback During Coffee Hour, Sunday, June 26th, After ServiceIf you missed the In-Person Talkback on the results of the Transition Team’s Goldilocks interviews, you have another opportunity on Sunday, June 26th, during the Zoom Coffee Hour. These interviews were conducted during Community Conversations, talks with covenant groups and committees, and individual conversations and emails. The results were reported on during the June 12th Sunday Service, with an in-person talkback hosted following the service.  The Transition Team will offer a virtual opportunity for feedback of its initial findings following the service on June 26th. The final report will inform the congregation’s search for a minister, planned for the fall and winter.  Please access this virtual Talk Back during the Zoom Coffee Hour, also listed in the UU St Pete Weekly. Text UUSP to 22828 to join our newsletter!
How to Reach Us: 100 Mirror Lake Dr. N St. Petersburg, FL 33701 (727) 898-3294