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  • Pastor Jack’s Weekly Message (February 12, 2021)Pastor Jack's Weekly Message (February 12, 2021)
    Dear UUSP community, We are mid-week in greatly significant Congressional discussions. Many listen for every word; many prefer a media-digested version; many avoid the news like the plague. I’m mainly in the middle, fearing over-exposure and complete avoidance. But I’m grateful to the full-exposure people for identifying subtleties and to the minimum-exposure people for conserving needed strength.  In the meantime, UUSP has started a year of preparation for a new minister. May you give close attention and clear articulation to what you feel is needed. We’ve done well these past years emphasizing friendship and spiritual growth – empowering many to also serve the larger community. If you continue the work of spiritual growth, I believe you will continue growing as a trusted cherished part of the world. As always with appreciation for you,   Pastor Jack
  • UUSP South Food BridgeUUSP South Food Bridge
    WANTED: Non perishable ready- to- eat high protein snacks/meals. Not high sugar. Pull top cans easy to open (ideal).Tuna, cheese, peanut butter & jam cracker combos, protein bars or cereals, fruit cup, Vienna sausage, sardines. NEW: Sanitizer & wipesPlease drop off your donations with one of our families below by 11am on Wednesday, February 17th  Contact any of the folks below to get addresses for your drop off. Gay Brueler & Billy          Dani Skrzypek & Deb Robinson Karen & Dave Coale Virginia & Cal Fox    Pictured: Jane Bunker with donations at Carla Bristol’s
  • Pastor Jack’s Weekly Message (January 5, 2021)Pastor Jack's Weekly Message (January 5, 2021)
    Dear UUSP community, A minister asked the RE children to describe Easter. Children said in unison: “When Jesus came out of the tomb.”   Minister: “Then what?”  Children: “He saw his shadow and went back down for six weeks!”  Whuups! Groundhog Day, kids – the day I’m writing on, though resurrection is also in the air – and Black History Month begins with hope for a new future.  Despite the many past and current misconceptions in what we think and feel and do, may our new year resolve be on finding our true way.  I would say, if there be light shining upon us this Groundhog Day, may we move toward it rather than hide from our shadows – toward it through all our pandemics – relighting the torch of government of and by and for the people, bringing the lamp of justice to society, bringing renewal to our dampened but still radiant natural world.  As always with appreciation for ...

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