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  • We Are Entering FAST TimeWe Are Entering FAST Time
    The Pinellas County Commission has backed down from its promise of funds for Affordable Housing for Low Income Families. It has also retarded development of a much needed One-Stop Information Center for dangerous mental health emergencies. It continues giving Pinellas County citizens thousands of life-inhibiting arrest records for misdemeanors by under-utilizing civil citations. These are the three concerns our 40 congregation interfaith coalition is addressing. Our FAST Rally is March 8 (via Zoom) to hear the research and strategies we hope to follow. Our big Action is March 22 (via Zoom) to ask County officials to explain and change their intentions and practices. Email the UUSP Office if we can put you on our UUSP/FAST contact list.
  • Pastor Jack’s Weekly Message (January 22, 2021)Pastor Jack's Weekly Message (January 22, 2021)
    Dear UUSP Community, Dateline: Wednesday after the Inauguration.  Reflection on the Biden-Harris memorial for the 400,000 Americans lost to COVID-19:  How good and right to have leaders with enough vision not to make spectacles of themselves.  Reflection on President Biden’s inauguration speech: How grand to hear the real issues for real people addressed with real honesty.   Favorite Inaugural Truth Statement: We are a good people who have come far and still have far to go.  A Single Irony: Mind-streaming “Gonna lay down my sword and shield down by the riverside” with Inaugural military guard streaming alongside the Potomac.  Most Amazing Grace: On the Inaugural stage, former president Obama and current vice president Kamala Harris.  Equally Most Amazing Grace:  A new president – of the people, by the people, for the people.   Favorite Encouragement Remembered from Protests I’ve Been In: No matter what, we can always work on building circles of decency. Glad I’m in ...
    The UUSC’s long standing fundraising and educational program is taking place at UU St Pete during the month of January 2021. Here are our four guests.  UUSC’s partner Suja Karimuddin is our fourth “guest”, and he is one of the many Rohingya people forced to leave Burma out of fear for their lives. (Top right corner above and middle shot on bottom row) After fleeing Burma at the age 17, Suja gained firsthand experience with the difficulty of accessing basic services and building a life as a refugee in a new country. So he co-founded Elom Empowerment to support Rohingya and other refugees in Kuala Lumpur — providing educational opportunities, vocational trainings and a community center where refugees can practice their cultural traditions Video Clip of Suja This month we have shared the work of four Guests who thru your donations are making a real difference to those suffering injustice around world. As ...

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