Our K-5th grade classes are conducted by Ms. Trish, and a volunteer. In this class, the students are introduced to open discussions pertaining to the topic at hand by following the seven principles we abide by. We are expanding our youth ministry. Children meet in the sanctuary for partial service and head to class until service is complete.

We expose our children and youth to the various concepts of God held by the world’s major religions. We teach that there are many meanings for the word “God” and that UU does not adhere to a single definition.

We teach that prayer and meditation are ways to connect with the spiritual part of oneself, others, and the world.

We view worship as a way of connecting with one another, celebrating our values, and exploring our spiritual selves. We find ways to be involved in multigenerational services as often as we can because one day, our children will be in the positions that we are in. We strive to provide and support the foundation our youth’s values are built upon.

We also follow the monthly themed curriculum that enables us to embark on virtual field trips to the places of worship, so we can gain a better understanding and respect for said practices.