This age group is led by Patricia Harding (Ms. Trish) and Ms. Jeanay Johnson. Both teachers have been with the church for many years. Religious Education Classes have been moved over to UUSP’s YouTube page at this link.

For children attending Religious Education (RE) classes, children are provided with stories, activities and lessons.

Ms. Trish does an excellent job at teaching our youngest students. Each lesson offers a way of living the best lives they possibly can, while remaining true to their own experience of the religious.

The lessons are provided to ensue religious education to our children, which upholds Unitarian Universalist Principles through the creation of a nurturing and supportive community environment, considering and respecting all religious questions.

Each month, the curriculum flows to a theme of a religious background or spiritual practice. The lessons flow congruently to educate our youth about those followings whilst tying them back to our own UU principles.

We plan on returning to our church in the fall.

To learn more about the RE curriculum, please contact the RE Coordinator.