What’s it all about?

Each year members of UU St. Pete are asked to pledge for the upcoming fiscal year to fund the operating budget of the congregation. The budget includes items like paying the minister and other staff, allocating money for religious education, social justice, music, membership, adult programming, building maintenance, and annual dues payments to the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA).  The budget is presented to the congregation at its annual meeting in May to be voted on by the congregation.

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Who funds the budget?

We do! As an independent congregation built on democratic principles, all members are responsible for contributing generously to the financial health of our spiritual home. Contributions from pledges account for about 75% of revenues. 

Why Annual Giving?

As members we promise to contribute all year long to UU St Pete to nourish our spiritual selves and provide for our congregation and our community. We call this Annual Giving. UU St. Pete gives us a place to gather and share our values, to live up to our seven UU principles, and to help and love each other and receive love and help in return.

Our love and commitment to our congregation informs our generosity. As we share our riches with our children, our family, and our friends, we share them with our congregation— joyfully, willingly, and generously.

That is why we ask all of our members to make a financial commitment to UU St. Pete. It is a promise, a pledge that is honored by you and by all of us; it is part of being a member of this beloved community.

Your thoughtful and intentional financial commitment is most important. It is not how little you can give, but how generous you can be. Every member is responsible for determining what is generous. People have different circumstances such as parents to care for or huge medical expenses. As a member of the congregation, you are asked to consider a gift of 3-5% of your disposable income or budgeted expenditures. You decide.


  • • Membership at UU St. Pete requires a yearly pledge of your choosing for the support of our church, staff, and programs through Annual Giving.
  • • Member financial support is primarily what the church relies on for its continued service.
  • • No funds are received from the UUA rather UU St. Pete pays dues to benefit from services provided by the UUA and to support the denomination.
  • • The amount of your pledge is annual, renewed each spring prior to the start of our fiscal year, July 1.
  • • Members may pledge individually or as a household. 
  • • Pledges may be paid in increments such as weekly, monthly, or quarterly, as you choose. Lump sum payments are welcome during the first six months of the fiscal year or as your financial resources dictate.
  • • For new members joining after January 1, your annual pledge will continue into the following fiscal year.
  • • You can always change the amount of your pledge by notifying the UU St. Pete financial secretary at uustpete.fs@gmail.com .
  • • There is no minimum pledge.
  • • Pledge statements are provided quarterly for members to track their contributions against their annual pledge.
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