Legacy Builders

Legacy Builders

Contributions to the Endowment Fund usually from an individual’s estate. Click on Legacy Builders from the Home page for more information.

Friday Night Picnic

Social Justice Collections

UUs Helping People and Migrant Families

Click on Donate and choose the Social Justice program you want to support.

FAST—Faith in Action for Strength Together

Collections for FAST are undertaken directly by the FAST membership team.

UUA Collections

Periodic collections undertaken at various times during the year by UUA organizations and affiliates to benefit specific activities and groups.

Other Contributions

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Religious Education
  • For visitors and friends who want to support UU St. Pete, its ministries, and good works.
  • For members who wish to contribute periodically over and above their pledge, although members can always contribute more than they have pledged and track their gifts as pledges.

Minister’s Discretionary Fund

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Contributions help the minister distribute funds to families and individuals in need. The minister may use the fund however he wishes including purchasing books, materials, and other supplies as well as services not otherwise provided for in the budget. Ministers may pay fees to attend conferences and meetings including travel, lodging, and meals or help fund attendance by other members. Ministers may pay cash outright to those determined by him to be in need. Any use of the fund by the minister is at his sole discretion.

Renew-Restore-Rejuvenate Facilities Projects

Contributions to larger projects approved by the UU St. Pete board to enhance the function and beauty of the church building have been undertaken. Projects completed include landscaping, narthex and tower entry, and lounge renovations. An upcoming project is the Kitchen Renovation that is the first undertaking of the Master Facilities Plan.