After successfully serving as a petition Collection Hub for Floridians Protecting Freedom’s campaign to put abortion on the ballot in Florida’s 2024 election, the Bodily Autonomy Team has worked to grow our network of local organizations to build a stronger community resource here at UUSP.

What we’ve been up to…

The Bodily Autonomy Team (BAT) has partnered with PPA Pinellas to host a monthly Community Free Store to provide much needed material aid, services, resources, and more to our local unhoused folx. Held in the backyard from 2-4pm every 4th Sunday. Volunteers needed!

Thanks to members of the BAT, we now offer a variety of FREE Reproductive Health supplies at UUSP! Including menstrual products, condoms, Plan B, Julie, resources on abortion and gender-affirming care, and more. You can find them in the bathrooms and the front office.

Some members of the BAT volunteer as clinic escorts, protecting patients from the many anti-abortion protestors and extremists trying to block their access to reproductive healthcare. Interested in volunteering? Ask about upcoming dates!

The BAT has partnered with Dream Defenders, PPA Pinellas, PSL Tampa, and other organizations to host the Palestine Teach-In Series. These are educational forums dedicated to deepening our knowledge of the struggle for Palestinian Liberation. Our struggles are deeply interconnected. Stay tuned for future dates!

Remember: Bodily Autonomy is intersectional and at the core of countless issues. Everyone is deserving. It is essential to our collective liberation. 

If you’d like to learn more about the Bodily Autonomy Team, our projects, or volunteer opportunities— please reach out to or