Author: Kelli De Graw

Pastor Jack’s Weekly Message (December 18, 2020)

Dear UUSP community,

I wish you the most joyous Yuletide season. Over these next weeks, as daylight comes earlier and nighttime comes later, may we find much to celebrate – perhaps kindness of friends, resilience of spirit, doors opening to an enlightened future.

No doubt we are far from … read more.

Pastor Jack’s Weekly Message (December 4, 2020)

Dear Friends,

Earth’s northern hemisphere is celebrating the Season of (Coming) Light – which can seem sadly contrary for some since these months are long on depressing darkness. Perhaps the enlightened ones and the light of the world offer as therapy the seeking of the light of mind … read more.

Southside Food Bridge

*Submitted by Virginia Fox and Karen Coale*

For December we are expanding our monthly food drive to include inexpensive toys in the $1.00 to $5.00 range for boys and girls, ages 4 – 14. 

The thrift section at Target, the Dollar Store or Party City have many fun and … read more.

Pastor Jack’s Weekly Message (November 28, 2020)

Dear Friends,

Though we likely didn’t realize as children, thanksgiving is a mixed bag. “Joy and woe are woven fine, a clothing for the soul divine,” sang William Blake. Joys weave us past woes. Woes weave us toward joy. Thus, thankfully, we survive and thrive.

We move from Thanksgiving to HIV/AIDS … read more.

Pastor Jack’s Weekly Message (November 20, 2020)

Dear Friends,

Would you join me this Wednesday (Thanksgiving Eve) 5:30-6:15pm to hear one another answer, “What am I thankful for?”  Just one or two sentences each. And if there’s time before 6:15, we can go on to give thanks for someone else’s expression of thanks. 

I’m guessing that mainly … read more.

FAST Update

UUSP had a turnout of 21 folks who attended the Assembly on October 26. At this Assembly, we heard updates from the past year’s committees and voted as follows for the upcoming year:

Continue to work on Affordable Housing. While continuing to monitor the progress of … read more.