The UUSC’s long standing fundraising and educational program is taking place at UU St Pete during the month of January 2021. Here are our four guests. 

UUSC’s partner Suja Karimuddin is our fourth “guest”, and he is one of the many Rohingya people forced to leave Burma out of fear for their lives. (Top right corner above and middle shot on bottom row)

After fleeing Burma at the age 17, Suja gained firsthand experience with the difficulty of accessing basic services and building a life as a refugee in a new country. So he co-founded Elom Empowerment to support Rohingya and other refugees in Kuala Lumpur — providing educational opportunities, vocational trainings and a community center where refugees can practice their cultural traditions

Video Clip of Suja

This month we have shared the work of four Guests who thru your donations are making a real difference to those suffering injustice around world. As we conclude this year’s program — we want to encourage you to make a generous donation so they can continue their important work. 

It is so easy to give: 

  • GivePlus+ app: select Social Justice – GAYT and make your donation
  • Via Click on Giving dropdown and select “Donate Now”. Logon to the Online Donation page. Enter the amount you want to donate next to Social Justice UUSC/GAYT
  • Send a check to the Church Office. Make out a check to UU St Pete and write GAYT on the MEMO line
  • Call Karen Coale 727 204-9141 to pick up your donation

Please be generous. Thank YOU!