Message from the Board of Trustees

There have been some changes on our UUSP Board of Trustees.  Michael Killoren, who was elected president back in June 2020, has resigned from the Board.  Michael led us ably and unselfishly through some of our church’s hardest times during COVID, and we will miss him on the Board.  Also, Cynthia Patterson, who has been serving as vice president, reminded us that she was not available to be president. She resigned as vice president but remains on the Board.

At a special meeting of the Board, on March 25th, Susan Burnore was elected president, and Sharon Winters vice president.  They will serve in those roles until the end of this church year, June 30th.

The Nominating Committee is working on nominations for Board positions, as well as two openings on the Board of Endowment, and for Assistant Treasurer.  The congregation will vote on those nominations at our Annual Meeting, which will be Sunday, May 23.  

Finally, Board member Bill Motter has agreed to return to the role of Worship Committee chair, allowing Susan to concentrate on Board matters for now.

We’re all in this together.  Please get in touch with Susan or another Board member if you have questions or suggestions.  Watch for updates!

Current Board members:

Susan Burnore, president
Sharon Winters, vice president
Karen White
Cynthia Patterson
Bill Motter