Author: Kelli De Graw

Do you want to become a member of UU St. Pete?

Good news! Rev Ben Atherton-Zeman will be holding two membership classes for those who have been attending services and getting to know who we are over the past several months. While there are no pre-requisites to attending classes, we do want those considering membership to … read more.

Some Ideas from UUSP’s Care Committee

While UUSP is a caring community, the Care Committee coordinates and provides care during specific life crises as well as helping to celebrate milestones. We meet regularly and brainstorm ways to help our members.

Want to join the committee? Want to attend our next meeting? Just … read more.

A Message from the Board

A Change in Plans . . . . .

And hopefully it will be temporary. With the rise in COVID cases we are pulling back some of the freedoms we have enjoyed the past few weeks.

In Pinellas County the COVID Risk Level rose from Medium to … read more.

Social Justice Update: October 14, 2021

YOUR Vote Matters:  St Pete Election — Nov 2, 2021

In addition to electing a new mayor and filling five City Council positions — this election has seven proposed amendments to the City Charter on the ballot. A Commission is appointed to review the Charter which … read more.

Santa Needs Our Help

(Santa Wezago, that is)

Not all of us at UU St. Pete know that our Social Justice Group has been looking after two Congolese families who sought asylum here in the U.S. One of these families is Santa Wezago and her four children: Aaliyah, Erisa, Gabriella … read more.

Friday Night Picnic

On Friday (June 25), 15 of our guests were vaccinated with the J & J vaccine.

UU’s Helping People provided a $10 cash incentive and will extend the same offer to guests attending the Saturday Morning Breakfast and Sunday evening meal at Praise the Lord Outreach … read more.

Message from FAST on Mental Health Access

FAST – Faith in Action for Strength Together – has been working on improving access to mental health services in Pinellas County. We are pleased to report that the nonprofit mental health community has collaborated to have a single point of access phone number to … read more.

A Message From Our Board

Regarding Opening up our Sanctuary

Temporary Policy for All UUSP In-Person Gatherings (indoor or outdoor) on Church Property
Approved by the UUSP Board of Trustees May 28, 2021

All people over the age of 12 who are fully vaccinated may attend without masks or social distancing, though masks … read more.