Social Justice Update (April 2, 2021)

Beautiful Quilt Which Depicts Immigrants’ Suffering and Injustice

Presented locally by the Pinellas Coalition for Immigration Justice (PCIJ), which UU St Pete is an active member of.

The PCIJ advocates that all immigrants receive compassionate, just and dignified treatment , at our borders and within our country, whether they are asylum seekers, refugees or those in search of a better life.

The quilt will be on display to the public at Allendale Methodist Church, Tuesday, April 6 through Thursday, April 8, on the Northwest corner of the Church, at 38th Ave North and Haines Road. Parking is available for those who would like to walk the exhibit. PCIJ activists will be present for discussion and to answer questions.

Please stop by or at least honk your horn as you pass. For more questions or to help out, contact Karen Coale.

Forty-three state legislatures have introduced more than 250 bills the would make it harder to vote. These attacks must be stopped, and we have the power and leverage of our institutions to support democracy. See this Brennan Center for Justice chart by states of what legislation has been introduced and how the For the People Act will block these measures.
Here is what you can do now: