Our goals are to provide a warm welcome to all visitors, provide information to inquirers, connect new members with UUSP activities and maintain accurate membership records.

What Can I Do?

Interest/Talent Opportunity Groups Contact
Being Friendly Be a greeter before services
Sunday 10:00 - 10 :45
Membership Dave Coale
Being friendly Connecting new members to UUSP activities
Ongoing activity
Membership Patti Hanks
Welcoming, teaching Help organize new members classes
3-4 course cycles a year
Membership Patti Hanks


Datesort icon Document Download
11/14/2016 New Member Welcome Letter
11/14/2016 Member Information Sheet and Pledge Form
11/14/2016 Visitor Sign-In Sheet
11/14/2016 Greeter Responsibilities
06/25/2016 UU St. Pete Organizational Chart
02/12/2012 Conflict management-Recommendations from the UUA
08/12/2009 UU St. Pete Organizational Chart
05/13/2009 Safe Congregation Policy
06/01/2007 Implementation Of The Membership Committee Charter
06/01/2007 Membership Committee Charter