What Can I Do?

After serving 2 years as Membership Committee Chairperson, Pat Fling is passing the reins to incoming Chairperson, Ayliah “Lia” Cannon on July 1st. Lia has been serving on the Membership Committee for the past year and a half and has lots of good ideas.

Also, as of July 1st, Cynthia Alicea will be passing the torch as Greeter Coordinator to Jamey Grey. Cynthia did a great job coordinating lots of details and changes during the past 2 years as Greeter Coordinator! And Jamey has been a Greeter for at least 2 years and has lots of enthusiasm for her new role.
Anyone interested in being a Greeter or serving on the Membership Committee, please contact the main office.
Welcome Lia and Jamey to their new roles!

Interest/Talent Opportunity Contact 
Being Friendly Be a greeter before services
Sunday 10:00 – 10 :45
Jamey Grey
Being friendly Connecting new members to UUSP activities
Ongoing activity
Ayliah “Lia” Canon
Welcoming, Teaching Help organize new members classes
3-4 course cycles a year
Ayliah “Lia” Canon