Does It Matter What We Believe?

Join us on YouTube for readings, music and a reflection on why beliefs matter. Especially in a time of conflicting opinions from elections to science to who should go to the World Series.  The 30-minute segment premiers at 10:30 on Sunday. If you watch then, you can participate in the “Chat” with other attendees!

After the service, move over to Zoom for a virtual Coffee Hour. This is where we usually have 25-30 people tuning in to see how everyone is doing.  Bill Motter facilitates, giving everyone a chance to check in. 

Please log in with Zoom Meeting ID: 827 799 4105 and Password: uusp

Do you want to be involved in our social justice work here at UUSP or simply want to learn more? Take a moment to check out what we do with Social Justice within our community.