Speaker: Susan Burnore

“Do What You Can”

Susan Burnore will lead this week’s service assisted by UU St Pete Religious Education and Communications Coordinator Jeanay Johnson and UU St Pete Member Rev. Ayliah Cannon. The sermon will be based on a sermon by the Rev. Peter Friedrichs, Minister at Unitarian Universalist … read more.


Why would an atheist or an agnostic or a humanist or whatever be part of a church?  Tune in to our UUSP YouTube Channel at 10:30 Sunday morning to hear a few answers.

Susan Burnore, Worship Leader

Jeanay Johnson, RE and Communications Coordinator

Bill Motter, Worship … read more.


Our building is closed for the most part, but do we still have a church?  Are we still a beloved community?  Join Jeanay Johnson, Susan Burnore, Michael Killoren and Dave Mapp for thoughts on being a church without being in a sanctuary. And you’ll be … read more.