Newest UUSP Legacy Builder
Carol Ulmer

An active member of our congregation since 2017, Carol recently updated her long-term planning documents to include becoming a UUSP Legacy Builder. Carol named our UU St. Pete permanent Endowment Fund to receive a percentage of her IRA after she’s gone.
She commented, “This congregation means much to me. I love knowing that future generations will benefit from my legacy gift.”
“Few things survive after we’re gone. I know this gift for the Endowment Fund will continue giving every year. It will express my values long after I die,” Carol emphasized.

An IRA gift may work for you too
This long-term plan is easy to set up. You control the transfer of your IRA assets at death without changing your will or living trust. Simply complete a beneficiary designation form with your IRA plan administrator. Also note that this gift will be 100% tax-free from your estate.