POTENTIAL Activation of the Pinellas County Cold Night Shelters on December 19, 2023

Winter is Afoot!

“We are monitoring the weather due to the rain storm this week. The current forecast shows heavy rain in Pinellas County with low temperatures in the 60s this weekend. On Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning, the temperatures are expected to drop below “feels like” 40-degrees. As of right now, the possibility of an activation on Tuesday, December 19th is likely, and a decision will be announced no later than Monday afternoon.”

Let’s celebrate the rain by getting indoor ‘stuff’ done, like preparing for the Cold Night Shelter at UUSP.

I learned from the Homeless Leadership Alliance that the Cold Night Shelter would likely activate this Tuesday evening; see below.

Many of you have already indicated interest in serving this season.

This is the basic set-up:

We have 3 rooms upstairs for 15 guests.

There is a men’s room and a women’s room upstairs

There is 1 room for the volunteers

We have mattresses, blankets, personal products and cleaning supplies.

The shifts are:

  • 5-9 pm: registration, light dinner, settle in upstairs
  • 9-12 pm: oversee guests and space; rest
  • 12-5 am: oversee guests and space; rest
  • 5-7 am:  breakfast at 6; cleanup of kitchen, and upstairs

Ideally we would have at least 2 volunteers upstairs and downstairs with a rover, and the coordinator.

Also, it was very helpful having volunteers who provided breakfast, and a light dinner.

Please let me know if you are willing and available.

I appreciate you whether you can volunteer this year or not.

We’ll cast the net a little further if need be.

Very grateful to all of you,

Sabine (beandex@aol.com)