Just what is a Worship Committee? The Committee works closely with the minister to promote excellence in our worship and in those things which support and complement our worship. Worship is at the center of our church life. Consequently, the work of the Committee has a central function in the life of our community.

The Worship Committee works to fill the pulpit for the Sundays that our minister is off. We help to plan special services. We develop and monitor systems to make sure the services run smoothly. The music program falls within the scope of this Committee, and we work closely with our Music Director to support him in providing the best in this important function.

The Worship Committee is an interesting and exciting place to be. We meet once a month, and meetings are open to all. We encourage you to check out our meetings and consider joining us. Your input and ideas are more than welcome! If you have questions, please contact our chair, Bill Motter. Alternately, contact our minister, Rev. Jack Donovan.