Worship” comes from the Old English word for worth or worthiness. Our UU  worship services are to celebrate those things we find most worthy, including community, compassion, and the search for truth. 

UUSP aims for “shared ministry.” Our Worship Team works with our Minister and our Music Director, Jon Arterton, to provide inspiring and compelling services every Sunday at 10:30 am and additional special services. Team members participate in choosing topics,  speakers, and other service elements. We also train and provide Worship Associates –  members of our congregation who assist with readings, getting the space ready,  announcements, etc. 

Our services often include talks by members of our congregation. The “View from the Pew”  features a member giving a reflection on the minister’s sermon topic. And our “Journeys”  speakers share a bit about what has brought them to UUSP and this point in their lives,  giving the congregation the chance to get to know them better. The Minister and the Worship Team coordinate all these. 

The Worship Team meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, in person at the church and over Zoom.

To join the Team or learn more, contact our Minister or the current chair of the Worship Team,

Todd Wellman.