Susan Burnore

Born in Texas and reared in small-town rural Georgia, Susan is a happy Floridian, having moved here full-time in 2014.  A serious gadfly by education (degrees in math, counseling, and business) and career (teaching, IBM management, real estate, and others in four different countries), she is now retired and living in Gulfport with Charlie, officially the World’s Best Dog.  Her fun passions include animals, baseball, and the NYT crossword puzzle.   

Susan’s most fulfilling volunteer activity is currently her involvement at UUSP.  She became a UU in 2001 after having been a committed ex-Methodist for many years.  Between UUSP and her first UU church in Atlanta, she has filled many roles – board member, president, worship leader, membership chair, fund-raiser – and enjoyed them all.  Her religious and political beliefs can be summed up in five words: We’re all in this together. 

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