Speaker: Susan Burnore

Happy New Year! Famous and Not-So-Famous Epiphanies

Watch Youtube Livestream Join Susan Burnore and others from the Worship Team for reflections and stories about enlightenment on the first Sunday of 2022.  Maybe you’ll remember some of your own “Aha!” moments.  (Reading the first few chapters of Stephen Pinker’s excellent Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress might get you thinking about the topic.  That’s where Susan’s getting … Continue reading Happy New Year! Famous and Not-So-Famous Epiphanies

Embracing the Possibilities of Critical Race Theory

Several states have passed laws outlawing the teaching of Critical Race Theory, but what does it actually mean? This worship service asks: who gets to tell the story of our country’s history and what is our responsibility as Unitarian Universalists with respect to racism and white privilege? All are welcome to this online worship service!

Does It Matter What We Believe?

Join us on YouTube for readings, music and a reflection on why beliefs matter. Especially in a time of conflicting opinions from elections to science to who should go to the World Series.  The 30-minute segment premiers at 10:30 on Sunday. If you watch then, you can participate in the “Chat” with other attendees! After the service, move … Continue reading Does It Matter What We Believe?