Speaker: Pastor Jack

First, Call Yourself Into Question

Exploring which is truer in this age and society of old persisting oppression and new persisting confinement:  An unexamined life is not worth living  or An unlived life is not worth examining.

GREATER GOODS: On Pentecost, Enlightenment, and Fulfillment Today

“Though our present is governed by fears, our future is governed by hopes.”    With the simultaneous celebration this weekend of the Jewish First Fruits Pentecost and the Christian Spirit Pentecost, it seems a good time to consider what you are hoping for and who else celebrates those hopes with you.  What are the goods we hope for in common and … Continue reading GREATER GOODS: On Pentecost, Enlightenment, and Fulfillment Today

Faith During a Pandemic

What does faith have to do with getting through pandemic? Service Video: Religious Education Service Join the Virtual Coffee Hour Zoom at 11am after the service.Go to Zoom.com and join the meeting with the Meeting ID 827 799 4105.Check out our Virtual Gatherings & Worship Services page for more information about the programs we are using to bring UUSP … Continue reading Faith During a Pandemic

Sometimes It Is About You

The UU tradition calls for humankind to affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of every person.  Is that call still operational during the conflict and isolation, the fear and blame, the uncertainty and depression of our pandemic?  Why?Our service will “look” at perception and bias in religion.


Sunday, April 26, 2020 Time: 10:30amSpeaker: Jack Donovan I once heard a professor of comparative religion say, “Scripture teaches, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself,’ but it doesn’t teach you how to love yourself.  That’s a problem.” Now, by yourself  much more, might be a good time to work on it.   Let’s share a bit about why it might be … Continue reading AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF


Considerations While on Required Retreat Sunday, April 19, 2020 Time: 10:30am Post-Easter, with the world and us not yet resurrected from retreat, we still hear Earth Day, Holocaust Remembrance Day,  Patriots Day, and Haiku Day call to us.  Haiku Day?  Give it a try when logging into your Quarantine Retreat Diary.  Here’s mine for today: Soul to great spirit –  … Continue reading EVOLVE? REVOLVE? OR RESOLVE?


On America First, Quarantine, and No Boundaries Sunday, April 12, 2020Time: 10:30amSpeaker: Rev. Jack Donovan Has any person or people ever lived with no boundaries?  Has any person or people ever shown the way to peace and justice?  Should you seek peace and justice?  Should you seek the way?


For Getting Through Hard Times Time: 6:00pmSpeaker: Rev. Jack Donovan Our Online Weekly Service will start with a Children’s Lesson, then move on to tales of the South Seas, a Celtic poet, and the Fertile Crescent – plus music for the spirit. UUSP Weekend Worship Service  (available beginning 6pm March 28, 2020) Follow us on the UUStPete YouTube … Continue reading FAIRY GNOME COMPANIONS

Reflections on Water

It’s World Water Day Time: 10:30amSpeaker: Rev. Jack DonovanWorship Leader: Paul Burnore REFLECTIONS ON WATER: Why Be UnSelfish, And World Water Day, Staying Connected, Staying Helpful, Staying Healthy (versus Narcissism​)