Speaker: Bill Motter

Journeys of Queer Delight

Watch the Livestream We are overdue for a Journeys service and that tardiness ends now.  Please join us to hear the Journeys of Susan Gore and Todd Wellman.

This week: Resistance: Not Always Polite

Watch the Livestream If you’re like many of us, you may struggle with knowing how to resist because we’ve been taught that resistance is so, well, rude. Let’s explore the hidden politics of politeness and what strategies may work for more of us so we may set aside our worries and resist.

This Sunday: Does My Vote Change Anything?

Watch the Livestream President Lyndon B. Johnson said:   “The vote is the most powerful instrument ever devised by man for breaking down injustice and destroying the terrible walls which imprison men because they are different from other men.” Join us this Sunday to explore the spiritual practice of voting and the changes voting can inspire in … Continue reading This Sunday: Does My Vote Change Anything?

Christmas Eve Worship

Watch Youtube Livestream All are welcome to our Christmas Eve worship service at 5 PM!  We will worship indoors and distribute electric candles, then proceed outside to the front lawn to sing Christmas Carols until 6, alongside those who are there to receive food from the Friday Celebrate Outreach food distribution.  Please wear a mask … Continue reading Christmas Eve Worship

Embracing the Possibilities that We Are Not in the Same Boat

“We are not all in the same boat. We are all in the same storm. Some are on super-yachts. Some have just the one oar.” Damian Barr’s poem in the early days of the pandemic reminds us that some of us have more power and privilege than others, based on race, gender, class, sexual orientation, … Continue reading Embracing the Possibilities that We Are Not in the Same Boat