Speaker: Rev. Ayliah Cannon

A Time of Beginnings and Endings: Ancient Druidry meets Modern UU’s for a Celebration of Samhain and Halloween

This service will combine the Soul Matters topics of “Cultivating Relationships” with November’s “Holding History” by focusing on the celebration of Samhain, a time of deep reverence for many pagans. Samhain is considered to be the most important celebration of our sacred source of earth-centered religions. … read more.

Walking in Balance With the Earth

Compassion is not just for other people who face struggles. We must be compassionate with ourselves, and the planet we walk upon. When we achieve balance in our practices of compassion, we begin to harvest the real fruits of our labors. What are you growing in … read more.

Independence Day

Today is Independence Day. What are we really celebrating? Is Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness something for everyone, or just a select few?