What do you mean by “deploying church?”

“Call-to-Action off the Sofa”

Many of us can feel the cloud of a global pandemic as well as that of a nation divided. We are here to learn together ways we can be active, even though we are limited to what we can do. What can we learn from one another? What does it mean to deploy church?

How Can You Join Our Service?

Join us virtually for service this Sunday with Sabine Von Aulock, Jeanay Johnson and our Worship Committee. Take notes from our UUSP community members on what “gets them off the couch” to bring UU values to our community through religious education, outreach, social justice, art, caring for our property, and more. We will follow up next week with Stone Soup Sunday where, during Coffee Hour, where will enjoy the soup we have made with John Motter on November 15th.

For ways to help with our UUSP, we have a quite few options to choose from. Contact the below for more information on how you can be involved.

Reggie Craig, UUs Helping People; Sabine Von Aulock, Friday Night Picnic & Tiny Homes for Vets and Pat Fling for FAST (Faith and Action in Strength Together)