Freeing Healing and Beauty with Truthful Telling

The theme this month is Holding History. Our faith places truthful telling of history at the center of our
principles. In our first principle, we promise to value the worth and dignity of every person. In our fourth
principle, we value the search for what is true. When we want to tell the real story, it’s not just that we want to be honest and want to tell the full story. It’s also because part of the story has been locked up. And by locking up the real story, we erase the people of color in the story, we not only cause pain, but we prevent their gifts from flowing out into the world. As part of our Unitarian Universalist faith, we want to resist and defy the racism in our country that wants to keep the truthful telling hidden. We want truthful tellings so that we can find the broken places and also let the beauty and healing emerge. Join us on our front lawn at 10:15 am on Sunday or Youtube Live!