Are We Going to Just Keep Talking About Racial Justice or Are We Going to Do Something?

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That question was raised during the Social Justice discussion following the 9/18/22 service. From that discussion a team of six was formed which will most likely become the Racial Justice Social Justice Subcommittee. We are in the formation stage of determining our initial focus and want to share that with you.

In addition to supporting  the Sunday Morning book discussion group and a series of educational events  — our initial actions are to look inward and around us — questioning how welcoming are we to people of color. What messages do we send by what we chose to display in our sanctuary, emphasize in our communications e.g. Facebook, newsletter, pamphlets, videos, website, etc., choice of topics, reading and music in our services, and how we market ourselves.

This is not meant as criticism — but is a call to action for each of us. We are seeking to send a genuine inclusive message, and this is a journey that we would like to begin together.

Beyond a welcoming environment do our actions truly welcome BIPOC visitors and members and make them feel safe and valued as part of our community? Also, how do we create a climate of safety so we can talk openly with each other about what we believe, what we are experiencing, and then engage in difficult conversations about race.

Do we need help in educating ourselves on language, micro aggressions and differing beliefs?  What if I make a mistake and offend someone?  The newly formed racial justice team has begun to explore these questions and commits to moving us closer and closer to becoming a Beloved Community for all.