Pastor Jack

What brought you to UU?
I was in my mid-thirties.  A friend invited me to a Sunday forum on city politics at the local UU church.  Then he invited me to stay for the church service.  The sermon was based on a Willie Nelson song about the necessity of community for surviving and thriving as individuals.  The congregants exemplified that spirit.   I knew I was home.

What brought you to UU St. Pete specifically?
I came to St. Petersburg to help take care of grandchildren.  When I also inquired about ministries in the area, I was hugely fortunate to find UU St. Pete.

What makes UU special?
For me, in both our UU tradition and in our church, it is three gifts and goals we share:
– Encouragement to receive and pass on life’s energy from life’s creative source;
– Encouragement to purposefully grow our potentials for happiness and helpfulness of spirit;
– Encouragement to actively care not only for self, but for widening circles of relationship.