We offer a variety of age-specific discussion for this age group: art, yoga, meditation, music, and more. Everyone gathers in the sanctuary to participate in the beginning of the church service. During the Time For All Ages, children and youth are invited to gather at the front for an activity. Then, RE staff members lead the students to their classes.

  • RE teachers and volunteers teach and supervise all students. Teachers receive complete background checks and training.
  • Parents are expected to sign their children out of their classes at 11:45am.
  • Unsupervised play is not allowed.
  • Children and youth are taught to follow the following rules:
    • Be respectful of yourself, others, and the church property.
    • Participate in activities and clean up.
    • Act safely and report any unsafe activities to the teachers or childcare providers.

At UU St. Pete, we are here to assist you as your child explores life’s questions. Our purpose in the Religious Education program is to foster the full spiritual and faith development of children and youth so that they may lead healthy, happy, helpful lives. Our program aims to encourage exploration of humanity’s many wisdom traditions and involvement in our church and community.

We teach that Jesus was a real person who lived during the reign of the Roman Empire, and that the New Testament is the primary source of information about his life. We view Jesus as a great religious teacher who taught about love, kindness, humility and many other values important in human living.

We teach that the Bible is a collection of stories in the oral tradition written at different times by many different people which define the beliefs of Jews (Old Testament) and Christian (New Testament).

Most Unitarian Universalists do not believe in a literal heaven or hell. We believe that how we live determines the quality of life for ourselves as well as others. We believe that each person leaves a legacy for those who come after.

We engage in meditations to continually connect to ourselves as oneself and the world around us in every class.