Covenent Groups are known in UU congregations by many names: Small Group Ministries, Chalice Circles, Spiritual Support Groups, Friendship Groups.

The primary purpose of a Covenant Group is for its members to be attentive to and supportive of each member’s life journey with its various highs and lows. Its secondary purpose it to use the strengths of friendship developed in the group to engage others in the wider congregation.

Groups meet monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly. The norm for UUSP is bi-weekly for the snowbird group and monthly for other groups.

Groups usually begin with a commitment by members to participate in the group for two or three months — and then deciding as a group whether to continue.

Groups usually meet for 90 minutes per session. Sessions usually have time allotments for:

  1. checking in about the state of one’s circumstances and spirit
  2. discussing a spiritual/personal/social question of interest and relevance to the lives of the members — perhaps from a study guide or book
  3. a wrap-up with an expression of hope for the coming week for each member

Groups maintain a covenant to hear each member without judgment, critique, or counsel (unless the latter is requested).

Groups may choose to invite additional members. They may choose to divide and form a separate group when it has grown to 12-14 members.

If you are interested in joining a covenant group, please contact a group facilitator, or speak with Dave Coale.