The one thing missing from our lives, Tom’s and mine, was a shared spiritual path. The Hebrew prayers did not move him as they did me. That is what led us to become UU-ers. UU connects instead of divides and we feel that last missing dimension.  It doesn’t move me so emotionally as Judaism but it appeals to my full self. Six of the Seven Principles really do cover my beliefs. And they are beautiful.
The one I had little experience with and which I have come to honor and cherish as a UU-er is “Acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregation.” To me this means listening to the people in our congregation with sympathy and understanding, as a friend that you’ve known for many years. And here at UUSP, I like that I can be UU-ish while being Jewish. –Barbara Archibald

Patti Hanks
I was looking for a religious community that valued my questions. I can bring my whole self to Unitarian Universalism, and have found at UU St. Pete a place for my authentic spiritual journey. Each Sunday we say that we will “dwell together in peace, seek the truth in love, and help one another.” I want a faith that matches my identity and commitment, a faith that is examined over and over again. I have found that home at UUSP. It’s a warm, interesting, loving group of people and our building on Mirror Lake is a gem! — Patti Hanks