Let’s Talk – UUA Article II Study Commission Recommendations

In June 2020, the UUA Board established a commission to study Article II of the UUA Bylaws, and propose revisions to enable congregations, the UUA, and related communities to be relevant and powerful forces for spiritual and moral growth, healing, and justice. With considerable engagement across the denomination, the commission completed their task in January 2023 with a revised Article II.

In June 2023, the UU General Assembly will hold an initial vote on the revisions, and the final vote on Article II will occur in 2024. UU St. Pete representatives to the UU General Assembly will need direction from the congregation on how to vote this coming June.

The proposed revisions of Article II incorporate much of the work that accompanied the development of the 8th Principle. Individual congregations continue to adopt and follow the 8th Principle while at the same time considering Article II revisions.

To start the process of learning about and understanding the recent (January 2023) recommendations from the Article II Study Commission and the 8th Principle, the Racial Justice Team held a discussion session today at 6:30 pm (not too late to join!) and will be holding another discussion session next week:

March 8th at 2:30 pm

Both sessions will be in Conway Hall, with a Zoom available. Please RSVP to Karen Coale which session you plan to attend and indicate whether your attendance will be in person or via Zoom.

Here is the complete report, and we encourage you to review it before attending.

We will continue to provide additional information and times for discussion, including the March 26th service, which will focus on these topics, along with Q&A afterward.