Cluster – Voter suppression is happening in Florida and in other Southern states

Today (Oct. 11) is the last day that people can register to vote if they want to vote on November 8th.    Voter registration is becoming increasingly complicated and there will be more difficulties on Election Day.   Congregations can provide assistance. 

 In particular, there’s a need to help senior citizens and young adults with disabilities, and people who speak English as a second language. Some voters aren’t very mobile, some struggle to read, and some don’t have photo IDs that are acceptable at polling places. Some voters will need help with childcare and other basics. What’s needed in your neighborhood?

How can congregations in our cluster be helpful during the next four weeks?

The UU the Vote campaign is the national Unitarian Universalist campaign that challenges voter suppression.

At the local level, educate congregation members (and others)  about where and how to vote on Election Day. Church newsletters,  website announcements, etc., etc., will be helpful. Basic information about how to vote in Florida is available from County government has information.     

 Support for the democratic process is mentioned in our UUA principles. On Election Day, defend democracy. 

Some religious leaders will be working near polling places on Election Day. It’s important to watch what’s happening and it’s important to help voters who need assistance. Make certain that ADA requirements and other human rights requirements are respected. Share information and resources with other congregations in your area.

At this point, it may be illegal to give a glass of water to somebody who is waiting to vote, but there are still ways to support democracy on Election Day. Do your best. Every election is important but this one is VERY important.