Cluster News

Cluster –    Election Day – Save the Date (November 8) 
The national UUA is involved in a major effort to “get out the vote” for November.    Florida is especially important.
Ask county officials for voter registration information that you can display in your religious buildings. 
The voter registration process – and the process of voting – is becoming more complicated in Florida.     Educate people about voter registration deadlines, how to vote by mail,  and other basics.    Some congregation members may need assistance in going to the polls on Election Day.    (Some people need transportation,  assistance with child care, etc.)
Cluster –  Lots of events in October that may interest cluster members.   What follows below is a partial list.
OCTOBER  13th:   (Thursday.) The Unitarian Universalists for a Just Economic Community (UUJEC) will have a harvest season webinar at 8:00 pm EST. Emphasis on “food and water justice.” 
The UUJEC website has registration information.
The  UUJEC has a traveling exhibit about “food and water justice” that’s called   “Cactus Corner.”      If you want the exhibit to visit your congregation,  make a request.   “Cactus Corner” is scheduled for the Allendale Methodist church in Saint 
Petersburg for Sunday,  October 2nd. (It’s a Unitarian Universalist exhibit that’s popular with different groups.)  
“Cactus Corner” has information about union organizing in the food industry;   community gardening and other mutual aid programs;    fair exchange products;   and other food-related topics.    Some Green Sanctuary information is included.  
OCTOBER 23rd:  (Sunday.)    The 100th anniversary of Mussolini’s March on Rome.    The moment when fascism became “respectable” and powerful in Europe.   In Germany,   Adolph Hitler took notes on what was happening in Italy.
The United Fellowship will have a zoom program at 11:00 am.   The program will define “fascism” and it will focus much of its attention on the Unitarian response to fascism.    A video will be available.
Jeff Harper is the contact person. 
Suggested viewing: “Defying the Nazis.” Probably the best movie ever made about the Unitarians and social justice.    YouTube has a trailer that features Ken Burns.      As Ken says:  “This is not stuff that they teach you in divinity school.”   
OCTOBER 27th: (Thursday.) Webinar about mutual aid developed by the UUJEC. See UUJEC website.
Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, economic problems, the impact of climate change, and some other problems, the practice of mutual aid has been rediscovered by many congregations. It’s an old tradition in organized  religion.
NOVEMBER  8th: (Tuesday) Encourage eligible voters to register and vote.   Newsletters,  bulletin board announcements, etc., can provide helpful information.     Voter suppression is happening.     Educate.  Inspire.     Resist.