Special Importance For Unitarians Universalist – Cluster News

Cluster –   Next Sunday  (Sept. 4) has special importance for Unitarian Universalists.

Some of the Unitarian Universalist congregations will devote their entire Sunday service (Sept. 4) to a celebration of “Labor Day Sunday.”

In some congregations, five minutes will be set during the Sunday service to mention the congregation’s support for Labor Day and to thank congregation members who are working for economic justice. Several congregations in our cluster support farm labor activities. Some congregation members are involved in labor unions for healthcare workers, teachers, etc.

In Florida, the Labor Day weekend marks the start of campaign season.   

Support voter registration and Get Out the Vote campaigns. Mention this good work during Sunday services in September.  The national UUA is active and it provides support to congregations. At the very least, congregations can help their members with voter registration. In November, help congregation members as they try to vote. Some will need assistance with computers, transportation, with childcare, etc. Some will be confused about where to vote and how to vote. Lend a hand.

Sunday, September 4th is important, as Unitarian Universalists organize for social justice. What’s happening next  Sunday in your congregation? Imagine a Labor Day weekend that says “thank you” to working people. It’s possible.
With best wishes,
Bob Murphy