The Sunshine Center – Cluster News

Thursday (August 25) is the day for a community garden tour at the Sunshine Center.

The program will take place from 9:00 am until noon.  The Sunshine Center is at 559 Mirror Lake Drive North in Saint Petersburg.  Very close to  Saint Petersburg’s City Hall and the old public library at Mirror Lake.     (The Sunshine Center is the major senior citizens center for Saint Petersburg.) 

The August 25th garden tour is a small part of Seniors Week but it’s especially important for Unitarian Universalists.
The garden was inspired by Green Sanctuary’s work and it involves Unitarian Universalists in a community project that empowers low-income people.    Because of climate change, there’s some emphasis on mutual aid, health and safety, and adapting to hot weather.    One of the goals is to grow food every season.     

There are at least three congregations in our cluster that are involved in vegetable gardening on church property or at community centers like the Sunshine Center.   Some of this work is Green Sanctuary work.    During the fall harvest season, it will be helpful for cluster members  to exchange information about their garden activities (and other Green Sanctuary projects.) 

Community garden people in our cluster often connect to multiracial and multigenerational projects.   Mutual aid receives some emphasis.    This isn’t charity work.    Empowerment is a major theme in every season.
With best wishes,

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