UU St. Pete’s Hurricane Policy

Dear Members of UUSP,   

Just what we need after an emotionally challenging 14 months, a possible hurricane heading our way! 

During hurricane season when a threat of severe weather has been announced for Pinellas County, members of our Church are free to seek refuge at the Church. If you wish to do so, please note the following: 

UU St. Pete’s Hurricane Policy 

During hurricane season and whenever there is a threat of severe weather, members of our Church are free to seek refuge at the Church. If you wish to do so, please note the following:

  • The Church is NOT a shelter and members come at their own risk.
  • Please come prepared to take care of yourself and your family members. We do not have showers or beds. We do not have food or drink. At present, our kitchen is under construction, so refrigeration and cooking facilities are not available.
  • Pets are welcome as long as they are contained in carriers or cages. One section of the church facility will be designated for pets and their owners so that animal-free areas can be provided for those members with pet allergies. 
  • Please observe UU St. Pete’s COVID policy while on Church property: If you are fully vaccinated, you need not wear a mask or practice social distancing. If you are not vaccinated, kindly wear a mask and practice social distancing at all times.
  • As soon as you make your plan to seek refuge at the Church, please contact ______ for instructions on when and where to come. We are unable to provide transportation but ___________ may be able to make suggestions regarding transportation.

The UUSP Board of Trustees would like to remind members that we have had a long standing policy in case a hurricane is predicted to hit the Tampa Bay area. The Church is NOT a shelter and members wishing to come to the Church may do so — with the understanding that they must bring their own provisions such as food and water and that they come at their own risk

Because Elsa has been a challenge to predict and is moving fast — we did not feel that we could wait until she does or does not arrive to make this decision.

For this policy to kick-in the National Hurricane Center needs to predict that a hurricane is headed to Tampa Bay AND we need a team of volunteers to mange the situation. So far only one person has volunteered. To sign up contact Bill Motter at bill.motter@gmail.com

The final bullet in the policy has a blank for who to contact if plan to seek refuge in the Church. For Elsa — Barbara Archibald has volunteered to fill that role. Her email is archibaldmail@gmail.com

In peace,

Karen Coale 

President,  UUSP Board of Trustees