Social Justice Update

Moved by Pastor Jack’s Sermon Last Sunday? Contact Your US Senators NOW!Let’s join with other UUs and concerned citizens across this nation to protect our democracy by letting our elected officials know that we want them to support the following legislation to protect voting rights and to support the DREAMers. Each of us needs to take action daily — let’s flood their email boxes. Together we can, we will make a difference.

For the People Act of 2021:
Take Action Today
Make it easier for all citizens to vote;
Offer new protections for voters;
End gerrymandering so that electoral districts are fairly drawn;
Reduce the impact of big money in politics;
and Hold government officials accountable with new ethics standards.

Support Dreamers
The comprehensive immigration reform legislation sent by President Biden to Congress has not progressed, for lack of sufficient political support.  However, pieces of that act – specifically legal pathways to citizenship for Dreamers and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders, and for farmworkers are currently in committee in the Senate. Click below to send a message to US Senators Rubio and Scott.  Support The Dream Act – The SECURE Act – Farm Workforce Modernization Act

Southside Food Bridge
Wow!! What a haul!! You all deserve a huge pat on the back. We delivered a wonderful load of high protein non-perishable food, water and other needed items to Carla and her Southside programs in May, and she was thrilled.  Along with the generous items, we were recipients of generosity of Sue LD and other non UUSP members. This week Cal and I met Carla at the SP (St. Pete) Urban Youth Farm and Rebecca Wilson thrilled Carla with a very generous check! Here’s an article about Carla’s work to bring nutritional food to her neighbors.
The Weekly Challenger: St. Pete community hard at work…

Next Drive: Tuesday June 9 by noon – More information to come!

SP Urban Youth Farm
The farm is gaining Tampa Bay recognition beyond St Pete and becoming a model for other communities. Check out SP Urban Youth Farm on FB if you want more info.  Carla loved meeting our team and you are encouraged to attend her events (there are many!!!)
Future: SP Urban Farm community resource for Hurricane Prep
Carla is working out details of her newest plan to collect items for community residents to equip themselves and be “Hurricane Ready.” She’ll give us lists, but usual recommendations like Batteries, canned non-perishable food, large bottles water, flashlights, etc… are necessities during this time of year and always appreciated when donated.