Pastor Jack’s Weekly Message (May 14, 2021)

Dear Friends,

Emptiness is not a value UU congregations affirm or promote. Our values in brief are Dignity, Encouragement, Growth, Meaning, Rights, Community, and Relationship – in a phrase, Spiritual Fullness.

The pandemic has taught us a lot about Emptiness as a depressing feeling we have good reason to avoid. So why does Buddhism esteem Emptiness?

Because Buddhism’s Emptiness invokes, not aching loss, but awareness of the impermanence of mind and body – awareness which, strangely, lessens Fear, Clinging and Misery, and enhances Appreciation, Caring and Wellbeing, which are one in experience with Relationship and Meaning.

Though I hope science and policy soon end pandemics forever, I think the practice of recognizing Emptiness would greatly increase our strength and wisdom on our way to Fullness. 

See you there,
Pastor Jack