Pastor Jack’s Weekly Message (April 30, 2021)

Dear Friends, 

I hope you’re doing well – and doing good, for yourself and others.  As the UUA Covenant says, You’re worth it.  

Doing what’s good requires understanding what’s good.  That’s why our fourth covenantal affirmation – seeking truth and meaning – is also important.  

And understanding requires questioning.  

For example, reporting on the police killing of Andrew Brown, Jr, an NPR reporter said Brown was “shot while driving away,” which made me think he was shot because he was trying to get away.  But another reporter noted that he was trying to get away because he was already being shot at.  

That’s very different.  

It’s good to keep questioning – because true, false and fake often differ only in a choice of words.  May we continue questioning, to make life good and well.  

With appreciation,
Pastor Jack