Pastor Jack’s Weekly Message (April 2, 2021)

Hello Friends,

We recently concluded a series of thirteen Sunday 9:15am conversations about the seven spiritual aspirations and six faith sources of the covenant made by UUA congregations.  The depth and breadth we shared was inspiring.

The inspiration overlapped with the insights in our Wednesday 10am study of American UUism. One of our last issues was whether UUs tend to be skeptics. Our answer was No, we are questioners, inquirers and seekers. If skeptics are dubious about everything, UUs tend to be curious about everything, seeking deeper.

And in that spiritual heritage, starting Sunday April 11, 9:15am, we begin a series entitled Words We Question. Our first word will be God. Perhaps you can make that the centering point of this week’s contemplative meditation, to nurture understanding, caring and fulfillment.

Shalom and Happy Passover and Easter,
Pastor Jack