Pastor Jack’s Weekly Message (March 26, 2021)

Hello Friends,

Great thank you’s to Pat Fling and John Motter for organizing the UUSP presence at the FAST Action this Monday just past. That took a lot of attention and time from both of you, and the work is so important. And thanks to all from UUSP for Zooming in.

The Action resulted in significant advance in commitment by the County Council toward affordable housing for those with greatest need. The action also resulted in gains for shifting police emphasis from arrest to intervention for our school children with misdemeanor behavior issues.

And the Action was able to report on major advances by the City of St. Pete in partnership with The Wellness Connection agency to create one central pathway for citizens acting out in psychological crisis. We are still advocating for the County to join this highly beneficial initiative.

Our religious community’s research and large turnouts are a great influence that I hope will grow. Planning for a Care for Creation/Environmental Justice initiative has already started. 

As we enter the Passover season, may we act to end the plagues on our town and world.
Pastor Jack