Pastor Jack’s Weekly Message (February 12, 2021)

Pastor Jack

Dear UUSP community,

We are mid-week in greatly significant Congressional discussions. Many listen for every word; many prefer a media-digested version; many avoid the news like the plague. I’m mainly in the middle, fearing over-exposure and complete avoidance. But I’m grateful to the full-exposure people for identifying subtleties and to the minimum-exposure people for conserving needed strength. 

In the meantime, UUSP has started a year of preparation for a new minister. May you give close attention and clear articulation to what you feel is needed. We’ve done well these past years emphasizing friendship and spiritual growth – empowering many to also serve the larger community. If you continue the work of spiritual growth, I believe you will continue growing as a trusted cherished part of the world.

As always with appreciation for you,
   Pastor Jack