Pastor Jack’s Weekly Message (January 8, 2021)

Dear UUSP Community,

Did you hear the funny story in this week’s news?
Nope, neither did I.  

But I have been referring frequently to my old “Garfield” comfort cartoon where Jon tells the supine feline, “Time is running out, Garfield” – to which the catatonic cat replies, “Okay… what else is time going to do?”

And I’ve been referring frequently to my old “Rhymes with Orange” comfort cartoon where God is raking a miniature Zen sand box right next to a little garden box with a miniature apple tree entwined by a snake next to two little humans – and God says, “It’s nice to have this sand box for when the other garden stresses me out.”

Putting God and Garfield together, as UU ministers are prone to do, the call for the week sounds like, “Don’t do anything stupid or in a hurry” – lest our raised bed garden become a litter box.

Missing you,
Pastor Jack