Pastor Jack’s Weekly Message (November 13, 2020)

Pastor Jack

This week we might reflect on some of the holidays it offers: Veterans Day, Diwali, Philosophy Day, and Transgender Remembrance Day. I can see all four holidays questioning our thinking about good and bad, truth and falsehood – important topics any time, but especially during political turmoil.

How about Veterans’ military service for the common Defense versus its conscription to unjust wars? How about Diwali’s housecleaning, decorating and feasting to celebrate illumination for prosperity versus blinding by misrule and falsehood?  How about Philosophy’s eternal call to pursue good and right over destruction and falsehood? What about Transgender Remembrance’s honoring reality, goodness and right long oppressed by unquestioned custom?

Perhaps, like their synchronous sibling Advent, they all anticipate the birth of greater light from this divinely pregnant moment. I’m remembering that the little “namaste” hands below point at us and all.

May we be the blessing we need,

 Pastor Jack