Pastor Jack’s Weekly Message (October 30, 2020)

Pastor Jack

Hello all,

The old Universalist roadside pulpit said, “There is no hell!” 

Across the street, the row of orthodox roadside pulpits responded universally, “The hell there isn’t!”

Welcome to the perennial All Souls Day November 2nd debate in which election and salvation intertwine. Are all souls universally saved by an ever-loving god or are some sent to a deserved hell by an ever-just god?

I think the more compelling view these days is that every soul has potential to generate a peaceful spirit as well as to raise hell.  Yes, existence depends on the power of the universe – grace, if you will. But the fullness of life depends on graciousness. There’s just one world; making it heaven or hell is up to us.

In the coming days, many Americans will struggle for balance and hope – best, I think, if we are graceful and gracious. 

Pastor Jack