Pastor Jack’s Weekly Message (October 16, 2020)

Hello all,

Many are worried, of course, about the November 3 election’s consequences for democracy, environment, and human rights. One joke covers all of that: Fed up with us, God messages the President as Earth’s most influential person, “Start irreversible steps by Election Day to make life good for all or I will eliminate humankind that day.” The President immediately tweets his followers, “Good news! God chose me as the most influential person on earth – AND, we don’t have to worry about the election!”

The real good news, I think, is that most Americans appreciate the beauty of democracy and won’t let it be extinguished. Fear may be pervasive now, but corruption isn’t. The light will grow again.

Meantime, here are two practices for the next 3-4 weeks. First, bear witness to truth without claiming the whole – pay attention; seek understanding; don’t let the spirit of truth die.

Second, keep in touch with yourself – take regular moments to be still, breathe consciously and, in each breath’s sufficiency, repeat, “No needs, no fears.”   Then patience, peace, compassion and courage will grow.

Pass it on,

  Pastor Jack