Pastor Jack’s Weekly Message (August 29, 2020)

Pastor Jack

Dear Friends, 

In this week’s UUSP Citizens’ Café the news events of concern that were offered for discussion were the “No Platform” GOP Convention, Climate Change Forest Fires, Race and Institutional Brutality, Private Vigilantism, and Political Lying. The common thread (and threat) we concluded (I’d say) was Political Lying about all of these concerns. 

Our question as citizens became how can a person or a people detect and counter lies in order to serve what we might call the good, the right and the true – or, perhaps, a more perfect union. It was an inspiring discussion, full of humility, insight, and hope.

Our Citizens’ Café is modeled on the Committees of Correspondence of the colonial Americans – who were trying to identify what constitutes a more perfect union and the way to build it. Since they didn’t get it perfect, the construction continues. This requires many interrelated groups sharing discussions of the signs of the times and deciding what is right and what to do.  I hope you are having such conversations. 

Wishing you the safest and happiest uses of your week,

 Pastor Jack