Pastor Jack’s Weekly Message

Pastor Jack

Dear Friends,

 As part of Wednesday Book Discussion’s “check-in”, we each shared something we do to cope with anxiety and loss in these times of pandemic, political distrust, racial injustice, environmental threat, growing poverty.
My quick answer was “church work.” But as soon as my turn passed, the core answer popped to mind – talking with my wife on our daily walks.  The walking itself is a major help. But, as many seem to be feeling now, conversation is what makes me feel human and alive and glad.
That thought leads me to feel very fortunate to be part of the conversation that is UU St. Pete, helping us feel human and alive and glad. Deep gratitude to you.

Take care and stay in touch,
Pastor Jack     

P.S. I am on vacation/study leave this week through August 23. But it’s a staycation/study leave, so I’m available if you need some help that is time critical – which certainly includes wanting to talk through or get assistance with the burdens of the pandemic.